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1-Alikobon’s Structure Line:

The company uses in interface Turkish made Alalekopon of 4 mm thickness, The outer layer of the Alalekopon color is from 50% to 45% degree and it is resistant to temperature , 86 degrees heat with the cold tolerance of 30 degrees below the freezing point, with a guaranty for 15-20 years after swelling or change the exterior color.

2-Secondary Ceilings Line:

It is including packaging buildings’ roofs from inside with gypsum Board, cork and unreal roofs.

3-Caustic Tabator_Moroccan pattern.

Department of the Glass Surfaces:

1-Double glazing:

consists of the outer layer has 6 mm colorful thickness which is treated in oven temperature 1100 Celsius degrees. The transparent inner layer glass has 4 - 6 mm thickness, by using the frame of separation between the two double glazing tables of perforated aluminum and filled with granules to absorb frame moisture and by puttingBotyle between two double glazing tables to isolate aluminum frame from the glass and put (Bolysulphida) on the outer frame, to become an insulator of air and humidity with 12 mm space facade with the use of gas to empty the indoor air remaining between the two sides. To fix the alloy Turkish made aluminum sections of 8 cm, 106 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm thickness according to facade height. This is called cross-sections. The sections are manufactured in Turkey.

2-The Exterior Facade:

The same work’s actions for the facade install with the use of the same articles with only a difference, the aluminum sections which fix the glass are exterior is called the “Kabbag” facade. It is less expensive than silicon facade.

3-Iran's Glass Facade:

glass facade is 10 mm thickness without the use of sections aluminum profiles and it is treated thermally.